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There are so many good things in life and food is definitely one of them. Here we’ll be sharing nutrition bits and pieces as well as what’s happening in the foodie world.

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  • 10 April 2018
    Handy #VeganHacks
  • 27 March 2018
    3 Ingredients for glowing skin this winter
  • pineapple
    26 October 2017
    Four Favourite Fruits for Summer
    There are so many reasons to love summer… Longer days, warm evenings, trips to the beach, more time outdoors – but our favourite has got to be the brightly coloured, juicy fruits that are finally ripe for picking! Here are four of our favourites:   1.) Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit or pitaya is a tropical fruit that originates from Central America. Although this fruit looks crazy on the outside it is completely delicious on the inside. This gorgeous hot pink fruit is rich in lycopene which may help protect against Continue Reading...
  • 29 June 2017
    Our Green Journey
    At Kauai we are conscious of the influence that a business like ours can have on the world around us. We realise that making considered choices can make a significant environmental impact. We wish to not only provide healthy drinks and meals, but a more sustainable approach to sourcing, preparing and delivering these delicious meals. Kauai is taking the following steps on our journey to a greener future More than 70% of the Kauai menu is based on fresh produce. Studies have shown that plant based sources of nutrition use Continue Reading...
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