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  • Health-Trends_Sugar
    10 February 2017
    Have a heart healthy Valentine’s day
    It’s the month of love and we’re celebrating our hearts! They keep pumping life-giving blood all around our bodies, so we really do need to look after them as much as we can. Here are 8 foods to indulge in and share this February to give your heart a little TLC. Fatty fish Fish, especially fatty types, are what we should be eating for a healthy heart boost as they contain omega-3 fatty acids which do all sorts of wonderful things to help prevent heart disease. You’ll find them in Continue Reading...
  • Raspberries
    27 September 2016
    Sugar-wise – Tips for cutting down on your sugar intake
    The recent debates about South Africa’s proposed sugar tax have highlighted the negative effects of having too much sugar in your diet: sugar is associated with a variety of health problems, from cavities and fatigue to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. If you’re concerned about your sugar intake and want to cut back, read on for some helpful advice and easy tips from our nutritionist, Leslie Scott. Not looking for too much sugar in your drink? Then try a smoothie with a mix of fruit and vegetables. That way, you Continue Reading...
  • kale
    03 February 2016
    Four tips for a healthy eating Feb
    After getting back into the swing of things in January, there’s no better time than right now to put some focus back on being the healthiest you that you can be this year. How do you do that? Small steps, one after another. There’s nothing quite as overwhelming as thinking of all the foods you need to cut back on or all the exercising you need to do, so focussing on small, achievable goals is definitely the way to go. Here are four things to keep in mind this month: Continue Reading...
  • mint
    21 January 2016
    Minty fresh goodness
    It’s time for mint to shine this summer! Yes, this lovely herb is far more useful than being a mere garnish on a dessert or a flavour in your mojito! Mint has many health benefits and has been used throughout the ages to treat a variety of ailments. So why and how should you be making the most of it? Let’s take a look: Mint contains a little potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin A Mint’s antioxidant properties help to prevent cell damage Menthol, found in mint, may act Continue Reading...
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