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Lesley’s passion lies in nutrition education and healthy eating within a healthy lifestyle. Her approach to healthy eating is that it should be sociable, enjoyable, nutritious and flavourful, and it should contribute to overall wellbeing. What does “healthy food” mean to you? Tasty, nutritious and satisfying. Healthy food does not mean diet food; it shouldn’t be boring, and it definitely shouldn’t take away from the pleasure of eating. It also allows for the occasional indulgence. What do you love most about your work? The moment when someone realises how easy it actually is to prepare a healthy tasty meal, and that by making their own informed choices, they can do it every day. Food is also very topical and very personal, which means that every day is different. Working one-on-one with clients and seeing their progress is very rewarding, whether it’s achieving weightloss, adapting to new flavours and ways of preparing meals, or just improving their food choices. As a nutrition consultant to game lodges I also get the opportunity to travel to some incredible places, and preparing healthy meals in the middle of nowhere comes with wonderful challenges which always make for great stories! Favourite things? Time with family and friends, Italian food, travelling, and being in the bush. And there’s always room for chocolate! Lesley qualified as a nutritionist from the University of Stellenbosch after completing a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Her focus was on diabetes, paediatric nutrition, and allergies and intolerances, and her thesis involved testing the Food Based Dietary Guidelines for 1-7 year olds. She now works as a partner at Sound Bites Nutrition, where her and her colleagues aim to empower people to make their own health-promoting food choices, and show them how to adjust their tastes so that healthier eating becomes a preference.

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