Take some asparagus…

Asparagus is no longer just for fancy meals – add it to a variety of dishes and enjoy it the most during the month of August when it’s in season.

White, green and purple asparagus have slightly different tastes, so give them all a bash and see which you prefer.

Not sure how to cook them? Go the usual route and parboil them for a minute or two so that they’re tender but still have some crunch. You can also steam them for a few minutes to get the same effect, or even choose to eat them raw.

If you’re looking for easy ways to use asparagus, try these:

  • Chop and add to a quiche or frittata
  • Use raw asparagus to make a salad with baby marrow, tomato and mushroom, or finely chopped greens and feta
  • Bake cannelloni in a dish, then top with steamed asparagus before serving
  • Asparagus and pesto play very nicely together. Mix some pasta with a generous dollop of pesto then add in some asparagus. Top it up with some baby peas, grated parmesan and black pepper
  • Make a snack platter with cheese, carrot sticks, asparagus and strawberries
  • For a quick appetiser, wrap asparagus in prosciutto – it’s absolutely delicious!

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