Autumn Playlist

Music is a very subjective thing but it can also be totally enlightening to be introduced to new things that help you expand your musical horizons. One of my MOST favourite websites for sourcing new music is Indie Shuffle. It doesn’t cater to extremely commercial tastes but there is some really cool stuff on the site and some even cooler remixes.

I’ll let them tell you about the mix I found today and want to share with you here…

Every season seems to have a mood set by the changing scenery. Fall is especially pronounced: Time to pull out the sweaters, drink more tea, enjoy the pumpkin sightings, and watch the trees change colors. As the air cools, the days grow shorter, and our hands grow colder, so too do we adjust our accompanying album shuffle. We switch from indie pop to folk, from glam rock to instrumental ambient. Indie Shuffle contributors have compiled their favorite albums for autumn.

Listen here: A Fall Playlist, Essential Sounds of Autumn

A little fact: The site was started by a South African so that’s pretty cool! His name is Jason Grishkoff.

I hope you enjoy the mix or at least find some great new music.

– Emma J

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