Beach Feature | Durban

Durban had its heyday and then things seemed to go a bit awry but the place is getting very much back on track and the Golden Mile, although sporting a promenade that is still partly under construction, is a special place. It’s close enough to Johannesburg and boasts an ocean that feels about a million degrees warmer than the one they have in Cape Town, which makes it kind of perfect. A place for surfers, sunbathers, swimmers, and socialites…

On the one end of the Golden Mile, you’ll find Ushaka Marine World and on the opposite end, you’ll find the Moses Mabhida Stadium, with miles of broadway in between, a great stretch for skateboarders, cyclists, runners and even rollerbladers (yes, people still do that). And as for the surfers, a number of piers to take you to the back line. Durban may not be able to boast the bluest of shorelines or the most golden grains of sand but it is very unique and will hopefully continue its journey on the up and up. Although the Durban pace is slower than that of Johannesburg and maybe even Cape Town, slowly but surely investment in the city is becoming visible and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the most sought after place to live.

Did You Know? Durban’s Harbour handles the greatest volume of sea going traffic of any port in Southern Africa.

If you’re looking for something different to do when next in durban, try and visit the I ♥ Durban market at Moses Mabhida Stadium. It happens once a month. Read more…

Photographs courtesy of photographer and Durban original, Andrew Brauteseth 

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