Breakfast bites

We all know we need to eat breakfast, but how many people actually do? It’s always a case of not having enough time, not feeling hungry, or just not wanting cereal day in and day out. While it’s important to have breakfast to kick-start your metabolism, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a large meal or at a set time. Even just having an apple before running off to work and then having something a little more substantial once you’re there is better than nothing. You also don’t need to restrict yourself to cereals or eggs. Try some of the following quick options which will still give you a small boost until you’re able to sit down and eat something later on:

  • A small tub of plain low fat yoghurt with honey and flaked almonds
  • A rice cake with peanut butter and sliced banana – peanut butter is high in fat but it’s not fattening (unless you eat the whole tub in one go!), and it’s a great source of protein
  • A cored and quartered apple, with nut butter spread on the slices
  • A slice of wholewheat or rye bread with cheese/cottage cheese and tomato
  • One or two rusks (muesli/health/low GI) with your coffee
  • Leftovers – mostly something guys would do, but whether you eat it at night or have a few bites for breakfast, your body knows exactly what to do with it!
  • Make a smoothie, or grab a fresh one on your way to work

By eating something within an hour of getting up, you get your metabolism going, you get energy for the day ahead, and you’ll avoid being ravenous and looking for anything edible come 9am. What’s important is that you give your body something to use, and whether that’s a large breakfast or smaller options more often doesn’t really matter. The good thing is, it’s totally up to you!

If you’re in KZN and need more inspiration for meals, visit the Good Food & Wine Show happening in Durban this weekend, 23 – 26 August 2012

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