Take a carrot…

The humble carrot as we know it was not always orange. The first carrots were apparently purple, and eventually white, yellow and orange varieties were produced.

In years gone by, carrots were used to heal bites, as protection against reptiles and for curing various ailments. I’m not so sure about the reptile claim, but carrots definitely provide us with plenty good stuff, so why not try these ideas:


  • Grill whole carrots with just a little olive oil, salt, pepper and orange juice
  • Use grated carrots as “fillers” in mince dishes – added it to spaghetti bolognaise, cottage pie, burger patties, bobotie etc. It reduces the amount of mince you have to use (and thereby the total fat content) as well as adding fibre, moisture and flavour
  • If you’re not a fan of zucchini, you can swop them for carrots in most cake and scone recipes
  • For a different take on coleslaw, cut the carrots julienne style instead of grating them, add some baby beetroot leaves and a little sliced spring onion and mix in with the cabbage
  • Steam chopped carrots until tender, then serve with a drizzle of honey and sesame seeds
  • Many people keep carrot sticks in their fridges as something to snack on. Change it up a bit by cutting the sticks much shorter, and then adding some raisins. A handful of that will give you a good energy boost
  • Use pureed carrots in soups to add a sweet flavour
  • Use pureed carrots mixed with a cinnamon, cumin or chilli flakes as a dip (remember to add a little lemon juice so that it doesn’t change colour)


Adapted from Food Flavours. See www.soundbites.co.za

Image sourced from Pinterest.com

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