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Despite the cold temperatures, winter is a great time of year to drive through the Citrusdal area in the Western Cape. Every tree is covered in hundreds of bright yellow or orange  fruits, and you can’t help but feel healthy just by looking at them!

Citrus fruits are a given in winter, leaving kids with sticky fingers and giving adults all the more reason to sip on gluhwein by the fire. But what’s the good stuff in them?


Winter’s good guy, Vitamin C
Our bodies don’t make or store Vitamin C, so we need to eat fruit and vegetables that contain it every day. We need this vitamin to help with growth and tissue repair, and it also helps our bodies to take up iron, so having that glass of OJ with our eggs in the morning is actually really good for us.

These little guys prevent our cells from becoming damaged. Think of it in terms of putting lemon juice on apples or avo – without it, the apple or avo slices become damaged (oxidised) and go brown.

Will eating oranges or lemons fix you when you’re sick?
A bit of an old wives’ tale with a ring of truth to it. While Vit C it won’t cure your cold if you’re already sick, and won’t prevent you from catching a cold, regular intake may mean that your cold won’t last too long. Either way, some hot water, lemon juice and honey is a great soothing drink for a sore throat.

Did you know?
An assortment of ripe colourful fruit always brings up images of tropical islands, and as you would expect, oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes grow in abundance on the island of Kauai. But the origin of citrus fruits is reported to be Asian and Christopher Columbus is recognised as the person who first introduced citrus trees to the Americas and surrounding islands. In the 18th century, Dr. James Lind found that sailors who ate lemons stopped suffering from scurvy and all ships had to have a stock of citrus fruit on board. British sailors got their nickname “limey” because limes were more readily available to them than lemons.

Take a drive up to Citrusdal on 1 September for their food festival

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