Cooking with your kids

Children are always looking for another adventure, and dirtying an entire kitchen in the name of fun is too good an option to miss out on.

As parents though, the thought of a huge mess, sharp utensils and sugar highs can cause a lot of stress about letting children make or bake something. But by getting them involved in food preparation from an early age, you’re actually doing them a favour:


  • They learn how to read a recipe and follow the steps
  • Their maths skills are put to the test with measuring spoons, cups and scales
  • They learn patience
  • When it comes to their approach to and behaviour around food, children look to their parents as examples. Being in the kitchen with them showing them that food is fun, that they can be creative, that different flavours come from different foods and that food is good for us, you’re teaching things that will stand them in good stead
  • Plus you all get to eat the food as a family when it’s done, which has been shown to bring families closer together.

To avoid spilt flour, blades and hot ovens on each occasion, we suggest making wraps for a quick lunch or simple dinner. They are such a great option for many little clean hands to get involved in assembling and they are good examples for learning how to combine carbs (wraps), proteins (chicken, cheese, bacon, mince) and veg/salad.

Each mini chef can be in charge of one step in the process, from grating cheese, to tearing lettuce to squashing an avo with a plastic masher. Once each ingredient is ready, they can all assemble their own combinations too.

Want to have a picnic outside? No problem! Either have them pack each ingredient in a separate container and take a tray or chopping board along to assemble the wraps on, or wrap each assembled wrap in baking paper and store in a glass container until everyone is ready to eat. If the picnic option is sounding good to you but you just don’t have the time today, order wraps or snack wraps from your KAUAI In Motion store to take home once you’re done at gym. Your kids will love them, and there’s less mess to clean afterwards!

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