Deciding how to eat is a bit like choosing a phone

When it’s time to buy or upgrade to a new cell phone, making the choice about which phone, which package, and which deal to go for can leave most people feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated.

I see this too when people are trying to making a decision about how to change their eating patterns to be a bit healthier; there are so very many diets, quick fixes, lifestyle plans, shakes, do’s, don’ts and opinions out there floating around on the www, that it’s no wonder people feel at a loss.

Three things to keep in mind:

Don’t always do what your BFF is doing:

You are an individual. What works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else. You might get the same phone as your friend, but you’re probably not going to buy the same cover; or, for that matter, the exact same outfit, car or house. So why do that with what you eat? We all have different energy needs and metabolisms, so take some time to work out what works best for you.

Avoid making no decision at all:

You can avoid changing your airtime package and simply exceed your minutes – it works, but you get charged a whole lot more in the long run. This applies to your eating as well: you can easily carry on with an unhealthy eating pattern and not feel any negative effects for the time being, but eventually those bad habits will catch up with you. Prevention is better than cure – true story. So get enough info to be able to make an informed decision and then make the change.

Ask questions:

Very few people walk into a cell shop and just make a spur of the moment decision – there’s usually a bit of research done beforehand. If you’ve made the decision to eat more healthily, then get advice from someone you trust, read books, ask medical professionals and friends as many questions as you can even if it’s something seemingly silly like “Will I need to spend more money to eat better?” (the good news is it won’t break the bank!). The more you know, the more informed your decision will be.
Don’t sign up for something that doesn’t make sense and which leaves you feeling starved and deprived. Healthy eating is enjoyable, sociable, tasty, satisfying and gives you all the energy you need to have a happy, active day.

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