What is your foodprint?

Last night I got it wrong again…way too much spaghetti left over! I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can never get the amount quite right, short of counting out x number of pieces per person before chucking it in the pot.

You may well be a spaghetti-preparer extraordinaire, but are you aware of any other food you may be wasting? It comes down to more than just preparing too much; not using leftovers, not eating foods before they expire and buying too much food all contribute to food waste. On the United Nations Environment Programme website I came across Think.Eat.Save and it’s surprising to learn just how much food (and money!) goes to waste every single day. The good news is they also show you how to reduce the amount you’re throwing away, so go check it out.

I’m sure we can all relate to salad leaves wilting and large tubs of yoghurt passing their use by dates before we get to enjoy them, so unless you’re buying for a large family, ditch the bulk deals and buy your lettuce and dairy in smaller portions.

Storing food correctly also makes a big difference if you want the food to stay fresh for longer, so do what the storage suggestion on the packaging suggests! And if you have loads of veggies that need to be eaten pronto, cook a larger quantity for dinner, cool the leftovers down quickly, pop in the fridge in a sealed container and eat it within a day. Things like baby marrows and mushrooms can be grated and eaten raw in a salad too.

A quick note on ‘use by’ and ‘best before dates’: the best before refers to the quality of the food, so using it after that specific date doesn’t mean that you’re eating something that has expired. The use by date does mean that the food is no longer safe to be eaten, so try your best to use those foods before the given date.

Image sourced from http://www.thinkeatsave.org/

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