Two foods to look forward to

There’s no more denying it, we’re definitely heading towards the winter side of autumn. And while long lazy beach days are fading fast, winter brings its own comforts. Soup and oats are right up there as two of my favourites. Not only are they served piping hot and so act as great hand warmers, they are also jam-packed with goodness.

Oats are so easy to prepare. Simply add some raw oats and a dash or two of cinnamon to a pot with water, heat up on the stove and cook until the oats are soft. You could cheat and use the microwave, but then your kitchen won’t smell like a café serving cinnamon delights such as pancakes and melk kos . Once the oats are cooked, add whatever you like – milk, yoghurt, honey, raisins, grated apple, berries, lemon juice, nuts, seeds, almond butter etc. Oats are a great source of energy and will last you a good while before you feel hungry again.

Soups are a stress-free way to up your veg and liquid intake. The options are endless, and all it requires is chucking some veg and water in a pot and leaving it to simmer into something great. Thereafter you can add meat, grains like pearled barley, or noodles to the mix, or blend it to make a smooth consistency. It’s also an excellent way to start playing with various herbs and spices, so experiment by adding a different combination each time. Another bonus – you can make soup in large quantities and freeze portions until you need them. Easy hey?

On that note, if you’re not a make-your-own kind of person, KAUAI has added apple crumble oats to their winter menu, and from the buzz created by fans who have tried it, I’d recommend you get your hands on some. There is also their range of tasty soups available to keep you happy and your tummy full.

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