Frosty winter morning feasts

A friend of mine is always saying that cereals were not made for winter. While I’m happy to eat it at any time on any day, I can see how many would prefer something more comforting or suited to the cold weather.

If you share his sentiments, it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on this first meal of the day.

Give these brekkie options a go:

  • Eggs are a great source a protein and make for a great start to the day. Keep it healthy by making scrambled eggs (sans the cream) in a non-stick pan so that you don’t need oil, or opt for poached or boiled eggs. Add a slice of seed loaf or rye toast, and keep the flavours interesting by adding extras like soy mushrooms, grilled baby tomatoes with chilli flakes, baby spinach (packed full of vitamins), avocado slices (containing the kind of good fat your body needs) or basil pesto and olives. You can also try KAUAI’s Full Island Breakfast with Low GI toast or their Good Morning Wrap (also available as gluten-free) to change things up a bit.
  • Oats is an excellent breakfast. Ditch the cream and added sugar, and rather use low-fat milk, a grated red apple (with the peel to add fibre and colour), cinnamon and some flaked almonds.
  • Leftovers from the night before. You’ve had cereal for dinner before haven’t you? Well, nothing wrong with some dinner for breakfast then!
  • A slice or two of potato or seed loaf with chunky cottage cheese, fresh tomato, a little bacon (fat removed), raw French green beans or rocket and a tiny little bit of cranberry jam. Or keep it simple with KAUAI’s Bread Basket with Low GI toast and peanut butter.

Prefer to rather sit down and have breakfast a little later after you’ve exercised or arrived at work? Then start your day with one of these smaller get-up-and-go options to give your metabolism a jumpstart and your body some energy:

  • A small tub of plain low-fat yoghurt with a small drizzle of honey and flaked almonds.
  • A rice cake with peanut butter and sliced banana – peanut butter is high in fat (the good type), but it’s not fattening if portions are controlled (don’t eat the whole tub in one go!), and it’s a great source of protein. The banana will give you a good energy burst – a good option if you’re about to go do something active.
  • A cored and quartered apple, with room temperature almond butter or peanut butter spread on the slices.
  • A warm milk and small apple smoothie – use low-fat or fat-free milk and keep the peel on the apple, or opt for KAUAI’s Super Fruit Smoothie.

As written for Virgin Active Blog

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