This is why ginger is good for you

It probably springs to mind less often than salt, pepper or Ina Paarman’s Garlic & Herb seasoning, but ginger does some amazing things for your health.

So don’t throw it to the curb just because it’s not winning any beauty contests in your kitchen.

It scores top marks when it comes to:

  • Reducing the symptoms of motion sickness
  • Relieving nausea, and because it’s only needed in small amounts, is s
    afe during pregnancy
  • Reducing discomfort due to inflammation with the added bonus of not causing side effects such as ulcers, which other medicines may
  • Showing promise as a means to improve circulation, and possibly slow the growth of certain cancer cells
  • Relieving the symptoms of colds and flu. The mixture of ginger, lemon juice, hot water and honey has been around for years, and while it won’t prevent a cold, it goes a long way in making you feel a whole lot better. You can also try KAUAI’s Floo Fighter made with ginger, lemon, mint tea, honey and cayenne pepper.

That’s a whole lot of benefits in one humble little plant. Are you ready to try it? Well then, grab some ginger and start using it like this.

And here’s a little heads up to make you feel even better: starting next Friday you can get your hands on a 25ml or 50ml shot of freshly squeezed ginger at KAUAI to go with your freshly squeezed OJ to keep those colds at bay!


Images sourced from Pinterest

Sources: and Medicinal Seasonings by Dr Keith S


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