Our Green Journey

At Kauai we are conscious of the influence that a business like ours can have on the world around us.

We realise that making considered choices can make a significant environmental impact. We wish to not only provide healthy drinks and meals, but a more sustainable approach to sourcing, preparing and delivering these delicious meals.

Kauai is taking the following steps on our journey to a greener future

  • More than 70% of the Kauai menu is based on fresh produce. Studies have shown that plant based sources of nutrition use far less natural resources and generate lower carbon emissions. In fact, according to research, animal agriculture produces close to half of all greenhouse gas emissions. Changing our diet by reducing meat consumption and increasing fresh produce and plant based foods could have a long-term significant environmental impact.
  •  We take care to work with farmers who are doing the right thing, and we source locally where possible. Supporting local farmers means that food products travel much shorter distances which lowers the carbon footprint.  Buying from smaller, local farms can also have positive environmental impacts as small farms tend to use less pesticides, rebuild crop and insect diversity and enrich the soil.
  • Discarded food ends up in landfills and through decomposition produces large amounts of the powerful greenhouse gas methane. By keeping food wastage at a minimum we can also reduce our carbon footprint. We use methods to minimise food wastage. Kauai stores have an average food wastage of less than 1% – considerably lower than food industry standards of more than 10%.
  • We use induction hobs in meal preparation as opposed to traditional gas or electric hobs. Induction cooking means that heat is generated in the cookware itself, as opposed to being generated on the appliance top. This is more efficient as the heat is in direct contact with the food, decreasing the amount of electricity needed to prepare meals.
  • All of our take away packaging including smoothie cups, hot drink cups, straws, bowls and carboard boxes have been designed to be 100% recyclable. Do your bit by disposing of your take away packaging responsibly into recycle bins.


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