Grow it yourself

Kick off your shoes, folks! We’re encouraging you to step into the garden and do a little GIY (Grow It Yourself) this month. Why? Well, it’s the month of love and it’s the perfect time to start spreading a little of that love to our gardens and our plates.

You’ll get to see the veggies growing, you’ll spend less money in the supermarket, reduce your food packaging waste, and then get to eat what you planted. Now doesn’t that sound good? We think so. And to help you get started, we got these great tips from the very knowledgeable Willie at Aspidistra:

  • Start with lettuce. Frilly, soft, crisp, red, the choice is yours. It grows well, tastes good and you’ll get to use it often
  • Basil grows relatively quickly, and you can use it in salads or main meals. Pick the leaves from the top, and cut it back before the basil starts flowering
  • February is also a good time for broccoli and peas. Leave enough space between the seeds so that the plants have some room to grow, water them lovingly and hey presto, soon you’ll have some delicious green veggies!
  • Do you find yourself telling people that you can’t keep plants alive? Give mint a go. It grows like crazy and you can use it in foods as well as those end-of-the-week cocktails!

Whether you’re new to this or already a GIY buff, we’d love to know how your gardens progress, so go on and send us an update or a photo!

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