‘I Missed A Spot’ eating

How many of you have spent a gorgeous day on the beach, covered in suncream, only to realise later that evening that you missed a spot or two and ended up with a nasty burn? Not fun. The worst part is that you think you’re completely covered and don’t realise you’re burning while it’s happening – it only becomes obvious later on.

This is a bit like I Missed A Spot (IMAS) eating; the eating we do that we don’t really take into account, and it happens so often this time of year with all the farewells and end of year parties and gatherings.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, but if you said yes to cake on Monday for someone’s farewell, dessert on Tuesday for a birthday, burgers with chips and onion rings on Wednesday for your team lunch, Christmas cupcakes on Thursday for the Christmas party, and samoosas, springrolls, cheese tarts, cake pops and crackers at the cocktail function, while still eating all your usual meals and not changing your exercise routine, it’s going to catch up with you later on.

So how do you deal with these situations and not fall prey to IMAS eating?

  1. For sweet treats, keep your portion small. You don’t really need 3 cupcakes do you? There will always be cupcakes in the world; today is not your last chance to eat them
  2. If you know that you’re going to be going for a big drawn-out lunch, make your snacks before and after a lot smaller than usual, or skip the one afterwards if you’re not hungry at all. Better yet, only eat as much as you need at lunchtime – just because everyone has 4 courses doesn’t mean you need to as well.
  3. If you’re going to a cocktail party, don’t go hungry. Have a decent snack beforehand which fills you up to almost satisfied, and then choose just one or two of the finger snacks that you really want to try.
  4. If point 3 didn’t happen, and you’re now at the party and starving, then make the best choice you can from the snack items available. Protein options such as chicken kebabs are a good choice because protein makes us feel fuller for longer. Try to avoid piling your plate with pastries, and rather opt for the veg or fruit-based snacks.
  5. Eat something before you drink something. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories, and cocktails are usually pretty high in sugar.

It comes down to making smart choices, being aware of when and why you’re eating, and making adjustments based on your day’s food intake. Every day is different and allowing some flexibility in your diet is important, especially this time of year, but by making healthier choices and adjusting your intake accordingly, your body will thank you down the line by not adding an extra few kilograms during the silly season.

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