Immune boosters

The foods we eat and the exercise we do has a huge impact on our immune systems. Give yours a boost for winter by making some healthy choices. If you treat your body right, it will do the same for you!

Up your antioxidants

A host of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C and E, are found in food so you can munch on some tasty morsels and get the health benefits all in one go. Berries, citrus, tomatoes, bell peppers, green tea, Rooibos tea, carrots and green leafy vegetables are all good sources.

In need of an extra boost? Try KAUAI’s fresh CU Right smoothie which comes with an added 500mg of vit C or get your hands on a good-for-you Super Fruit smoothie with blueberries, strawberries and goji berries.

Keep going with the fruit and vegetables

The wider the variety of fruit and veg you eat, the greater your intake of nutrients. Keep fruit where it’s visible so that you remember to eat it, choose easy to peel citrus if you feel that peeling an orange is too much effort, and add stewed fruit such as guavas, apples and pears to yoghurt for a light breakfast. Veggies are easy in winter; simply roast a whole mix or add straight into stews and curries.

fruit salad


It’s not that easy to get up in the dark, but research shows that exercising in the morning sets the tone for a healthy food intake, better energy levels and more focus throughout the day. If mornings just don’t work for you, then stick to a routine that works for you and allows for toning and cardio workouts to keep you fit and strong.

Keep the caffeine to a minimum

Too much caffeine makes us irritable, jumpy, messes with our sleep cycles and leaves us less able to determine whether we’re physically hungry or not. Have your cup in the morning and then switch to water or Rooibos tea. Not into tea? Try a hot drink with ginger in it; it has a fresh, revitalising taste and has been linked to relieving symptoms of colds and flu.

Try KAUAI’s Floo Fighter with ginger, mint tea, lemon, cayenne pepper and honey, or opt for a shot of freshly squeezed ginger which you can add to your orange juice.

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