Introducing Mr John Berry

When we first started this blog, we shared the story of how Kauai came to exist. So let’s start by recapping on that…

Once upon a long, long, time ago, three great friends graduated from college in California and made their way over to the Hawaiian island of Kauai for a holiday. Livin’ it up! While enjoying their new found freedom, surfing by day and lapping up island life by night, they made a discovery that would change their lives. They came across the juiciest of fruits. And we’re not just talking juicy here but THE juiciest. So juicy, in fact, that they felt compelled to get themselves a juicer, open up an island style juice bar and share the love.

But then what happened?

Well, they went from sharing one juice to sharing fifty juices to sharing five hundred juices and so their business grew. A hut on a beach became a supply chain to hotels and restaurants and the next thing you know, these dudes are catching some waves in Cape Town, opening up their first KAUAI store and pretty much living the dream.

True story.

Ever since then, we’ve been following in their footsteps, which brings us to this very post, on this very blog, on this very day. This blog is about the simple pursuit of all good things in life because there are so many of them.

One of those three friends is none other than our very own John Berry. He is the man behind everything we do at Kauai. And here he is, telling the Kauai story and sharing some of his wisdom…

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