Moving up from winter – one small change at a time

A very dear friend encouraged me to try meditation a while back. Always happy to try something new, I gave it a go…and failed. OK, let’s be honest, I failed miserably. Instead of calming my mind, I was thinking about a hundred different things as well as the fact that I shouldn’t be thinking a hundred different things!

And that just made me feel miserable which made me think about the oh-so-good cheesecake wedge in my fridge. Yes, I ate it, and while it brought a little satisfaction, it really only made me overly full which made the couch look so very comfortable. Needless to say, my run didn’t happen and before I knew it a weekend which was meant to be a rather active one, ended up being spent eating even more while watching Froome cycle his way across France.

The point of this story? The downward spiral of eating badly, not exercising, feeling guilty and eating some more is powerful and hits all of us, sometimes for a day, sometimes longer. The GREAT news though is that it just takes a few small actions to turn it around again and head back to feeling strong and healthy.

So with spring here, how about you let go of the worry/guilt/regret of maybe not having eaten so well or exercised regularly during winter, and just focus on the positive steps you’ll be taking from this moment on? One healthy behaviour leads to another which in turn makes the next one easier.

Here are 3 you can start with:

  1. Buy loads of fruit and vegetables to keep at home. Believe me, there is no way that you will get your servings each day if they aren’t right there. They’re a great source of nutrients, all of which are needed for optimal health and vitality. If you’re at the stage of kitchen competence where chopping a veggie is just too much to ask, then by all means buy the already sliced and diced versions, no problem.
  2. Even just three times a week, go onto a website or page through a cookbook, find a healthy recipe which looks appealing and won’t take you 4 hours to prepare, and then try it. Finding healthy recipes which are tasty and satisfying will make eating healthier foods a preference instead of an obligation. Just as exercise becomes easier the fitter you get, the more you eat and enjoy healthier foods, the more you’ll naturally move away from unhealthy meals and portion sizes. And on those days when you just can’t face the shops, pop by your KAUAI In Motion Store and choose anything from a Turbo-boost smoothie, to a Full Island Breakfast to a Salmon Wrap.
  3. Exercise, exercise, exercise! The more you exercise, the more you’ll be inclined to eat better, which in turn positively influences your exercise. If feeling under the weather is an obstacle here, repeat point 1 and grab yourself a CU Right smoothie, which has 500mg Vit C added into the fruity mix – just one more way to help your body along.

Soon after my unsuccessful attempt at meditation, I saw a picture with the words “It’s all very well to find your bliss, but then do something about it” and I couldn’t agree more! Being healthy contributes so much to happiness, but we can’t just sit around hoping for health to rock up.

So in the lead up to summer, start making the small revitalising changes which in the end keep the spiral twisting up to better wellbeing. And while you work on that, I’m going to take 10 minutes to sit and calm my mind…not on the couch, but rather on Lions Head after an invigorating climb to the top!

As written for the Virgin Active Blog

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