The Two Oceans 2013

The Two Oceans Marathon has been called “the world’s most beautiful” marathon and although it is still a few months away for most of us, training has commenced for some of us and registration has opened. In the case of the Half Marathon, a still astounding 21km’s, registration has temporarily closed because the early-bird 10 000 entry mark has been reached, although another 6000 entries will be made available in January. Do you have 56km’s in you?

If you’d like to consider the race, pencil it into your diary. The event is taking place over Easter Weekend: 29 and 30 March 2013, which is 142 days away so you have plenty of time to train.

A 21km Training Progam can be found here. And if you are feeling very brave, you can start on this training program for the 56km’s.

Why run? Well here are some pretty good reasons.

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