‘Original eating’-friendly tweaks to some KAUAI meals

Low carb high fat diets have become a recognised health movement, with a whole range of recommendations on just how much carbohydrate to cut out and how much fat to include.

While shown as a means by which to address Metabolic Syndrome and related disorders such as Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, people also follow it for various other benefits.

The common denominator in all LCHF diets is the cutting out of carbohydrate sources in the diet. With carbs removed as a source of energy, fat becomes increasingly used as the new source from which the body gets energy. Any excess energy in our bodies, if not used, will contribute to weight gain, so a LCHF diet isn’t free licence to eat as much as you want – smart choices about the types of food you consume are still required.

If you’ve tried a LCHF diet and want to stick with it, you can do a happy dance because KAUAI has made some tweaks to a few of their current menu items to make them fit the Original Eating guidelines. Original Eating is a LCHF diet plan by Professor Tim Noakes which allows for slightly more flexibility in the amount of carbs eaten and includes various types of fruit, veg and nuts.

With the tweaks to the existing menu items, the guesswork about what to eat is taken away and you’ll still get all the great KAUAI flavour, minus the carbs. Take a look at the delicious foods you can sink your teeth into:

original eating

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