Cook like a chef

One of the good things in life is the abundance of cook books available to us. There are thousands to choose from, written by such a variety of people that I often find myself paging through the books for hours when I’d really planned on only popping in and out of the store to buy a book that has nothing to do with food. I’ve mentioned it before, but relying on these resources is such a great way to get into making your own food, or to increase your repertoire.

The ones that are filled with flop-proof recipes that you can use every day, such as Cook & Enjoy, are a must. Then the ones with pictures are the next best step – it helps to know what you’re aiming for and to pick up on presentation trends. As I learnt from experience, be sure to close the book in case your dish doesn’t quite end up looking the way it should, because invariably the kitchen is where your dinner guests will end up! The celebrity chef cook books filled with complicated dishes are of course beautiful, but if you’re not prepared to spend days watching a sauce drip through cloth or coat your food with gold, those books will just end up on your coffee table or rewrapped for a relative’s birthday.

So to spend your money well, spend time paging through the books and choose the one that will work for your skill level, taste preferences, and time. If you have the means, also choose one that fills you with excitement – every now and then we all need to attempt something that stretches our culinary boundaries. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to buy a cook book, there are endless recipes available online. Choose reputable sites such as Food24 where the recipes have been tried and tested, and more often than not have a photo that goes along with them. We’ll also continue to give you tips every now and then on how to use a certain ingredient in your meals, so keep checking back and let us know how it goes!

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