Looks like pesto, tastes like banana

I’ve been telling people, rather proudly, for the last two weeks or so that I made myself a green smoothie. I was expecting responses of surprise or mild awe, but instead got “But you’re a nutritionist, don’t you always have them?”

Well, no. I prefer to eat my veggies, and have never wanted to drink something that looks like pesto. But after no clapping of hands for my brave step into the green smoothie world, I came to terms with the fact that a lot of people do love their greenies, and here’s why you should too:


  • By adding a green veg to your usual mix, you’re upping the health-giving goodness without increasing the carb content
  • In winter we tend to opt for the seasonal non-green veggies like pumpkin, so adding a little spinach or kale to a smoothie is a hassle-free way to make sure you’re still getting your greens
  • In the colder months we also struggle to eat enough salad. Luckily cucumber, peppers and, if you’re up for it, lettuce can also be added to a smoothie
  • Green leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin A and folate, as well as a host of other minerals

Starting out, I was definitely not at the point of adding dandelion greens or aloe vera to my smoothie so I simply started with a baby step, adding baby spinach to the usual apple, yoghurt and banana mix. It didn’t really affect the taste too much, and I actually felt a little healthier afterwards knowing I’d got at least one portion of my veg in for the day without too much effort. The great thing is that it’s totally up to you to decide what and how much you want to add. Just remember to keep something sweet in the mix, like apples, pears, kiwis, a little juice or carrots to prevent a bitter taste.

If you’re already a green smoothie convert, we’d love to hear what combinations you whip up every day. We might just give it a go!

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