Don’t make lunch a speed eating contest

When our days are busy, it’s very tempting to eat lunch at our desks or on the go, because we feel it saves time. We can type, read emails, make calls, listen to a talk and navigate traffic all while eating. But this kind of multitasking is definitely not the good kind. Have you ever realised just how much you can eat in the space of 15 minutes if your mind is elsewhere?

Taking a proper break and eating slowly gives our bodies the time needed to start digestion and send the signals to our brains to let us know that we’ve eaten enough.


4 ways to slow down your eating

  1. Get up from your desk and sit outside or in a different area. Taking yourself away from your work takes your mind off it for a while and allows you to focus on what you’re eating, how it tastes and how much of it you’re eating.
  2. Add some spice and texture to your meals. The more flavour and texture your meals have, the more likely you are to savour each bite. How about preparing a little more lasagne, steak salad or vegetarian curry for dinner and taking it along to work the next day?
  3. If you have a fridge at work, take the ingredients of a meal with you and only assemble it once it’s time for lunch. Getting up and taking just 5 minutes to throw a wrap or salad together forces you to move away from your desk and its distractions.
  4. Choose healthy, satisfying food that you enjoy. The more your meal can energise and satisfy you, the more you’ll want to take the time to eat it and enjoy it, instead of grabbing a massive, unhealthy take-away which you’ll gulp down in a few minutes.

Chicken wrap

If your day is busier than you had planned and you just can’t spare twenty minutes, then make the best decision you can with the choices available to you. You can, of course, head over to Kauai for a flavourful Thai Chicken Salad or a Hawaiian Chicken Wrap with delicious fresh pineapple to keep you on track. Your emails, tweets and calls can wait until after lunch.

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