A peek at this season’s fruit & veg

The winter wardrobe is making way for shorts, beach dresses and bright Havaianas!

And with that, the colder months’ fruit and veggies are also stepping aside for their delicious summer counterparts.

Here’s just a peek at a few foods in season in Nov and Dec:


Asparagus, aubergine, onion, artichoke, cucumber, radish, spinach, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin and carrots

Spinach is a tough one for many of us. Other than creamed spinach, what are the options? Finely shred some rinsed, raw spinach and add it to coleslaws. Or wilt it, blend it with yoghurt and add a finely chopped chilli and roughly chopped peanuts.

Apricots, litchis, mango, cherries, plums, peaches, melons, watermelons, spanspek, pineapples, nectarines, figs and kiwifruit

Just as fresh pineapple on a stick is one of summer’s best treats, warm pineapple kebabs are a winner at braais. Simply thread chunks of pineapple, peach slices and small blocks of mozzarella on a skewer and then place on the grid for a few minutes until warm and slightly charred. If you really want to go all out, drizzle a little fig syrup over them.


If you find yourself in the winelands anytime soon, take a walk around Babylonstoren’s gardens. Flowers, vegetables, fruit, herbs – you name it, it’s growing in abundance. You’ll leave feeling inspired to create some tasty seasonal meals this summer.

Image sourced from Pinterest

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