Strawberry summer

Summer and strawberries – what a great combination!

These juicy fruits are overflowing with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have shown promise in managing symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and aging.

To top that, they can be used in more than just fruit salads.

Here’s how:

Strawberries in breakfasts

  • Add some to your smoothie mix
  • Crush over-ripe strawberries and any other berries, place in a pan over medium heat, add a little water and stew until soft. Drizzle over oats, muesli or pancakes

Strawberries in snacks

  • A few strawberries and a littl
    e plain yoghurt are a delicious and healthy combination
  • Mini strawberry and feta skewers , even with a few olives added in, taste as good as they look and take almost no time to prepare
  • Strawberries play very nicely with cottage cheese and goat’s cheese – layer on a slice of seed loaf or an oatcake
  • While you’re waiting for the actual braai to start, thread whole strawberries on large skewers, drizzle with a mixture of castor sugar and lime juice, then braai them for a few minutes until the strawberries have warmed through

KAUAI strawberry juice

Strawberries in other meals

  • One of the tastiest and easiest salads to complement various meals: mix rocket, baby spinach, ripe but firm strawberries, almonds, diced avo and a generous drizzling of balsamic reduction
  • Jazz up couscous with crushed whole almonds, lemon juice, freshly ground black pepper, very finely diced strawberries and some chopped chives
  • Make a salsa with chopped strawberries, lemon or lime juice, diced red onion, and coriander leaves
  • Place halved strawberries on a lined baking tray, pour over a little vanilla essence and castor sugar then roast in the oven for 15 minutes. Use this as a dessert topping or place in a bowl and serve along with a cheese and fruit platter.

KAUAI strawberry chicken salad

Get your kiddies eating strawberries too

  • For a “milkshake” that will go down a treat: Blend a little vanilla yoghurt with a handful of fresh strawberries and banana, pour into a small glass and serve with a straw
  • Blend strawberries with a little lemon juice and then dilute with sparkling water as an alternative to lemonade
  • Make meringue intake less and the fruit intake more at a party: take a meringue and crush it in a small cup or glass, top with sliced strawberries and then crush another meringue on top – beats having the children eating meringue after meringue simply because they’re easy bite-size snacks.

For the next 2 months you can get your hands on KAUAI’s summer-style Strawberry and Free Range Smoked Chicken Salad and a freshly squeezed Strawberry and Apple Juice. And of course, there’s always the well-loved Strawberry Stinger smoothie!

Image sourced from Pinterest and from KAUAI SA


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