A tastier food resolution

Hands up if you can remember your new year’s resolutions, never mind actually following through on all of them. No problem, six months into the year is as good a time as any to make some new ones! Instead of going down the “I have to lose xkg before summer” and spending your entire winter downing water with a bit of soup flavour, we’d like to suggest a tastier, healthier way of tackling this.

Instead of making “eat less food” your goal, make “eat healthier, tastier food” your new food resolution. By taking the focus off what you’re not allowing yourself to do, and placing it on the fact that you still can (and should!) eat, you’re already in a positive frame of mind about the whole thing. Hurdle one done and dusted.

I put “tastier” in there for a reason. It’s easy to print out any old diet plan and follow the unsatisfying menu…for about 2 weeks max. After that you’ll be back to eating like you used to, plus adding anything with sugar and fat to make up for what your mind perceives you as having missed out on. By making tasty healthy food your goal, you’re allowing yourself to still keep flavour in the picture. It also means that you have to take control – no sitting back and staying uninvolved here, folks! Jumping in and changing your perception about healthy food and your behaviour around food, is the best way to make the lifestyle change a permanent one. Find out what changes are necessary to make your food, as it stands now, a little healthier, and then play around with flavours that incorporate those guidelines. It can be as simple as learning to make a cream-based sauce healthier without losing the creaminess, or perhaps you just have to discover pesto! It helps to buy a snack or meal with a flavour new to you, and then if you love it, buy that ingredients and start adding it to your meals. Try KAUAI’s Chicken Mayo Deluxe Wedge to see whether you’re a fan of pesto and take it from there. There are so many ways to bring flavour to well balanced meals.

Just as with gym classes or running clubs, we tend to feel more motivated when we’re trying something along with a whole lot of other people. So if you’re at a loss about how to start getting excited about trying new recipes, join the Meat Free Mondays movement or check out a website with recipes and photos where readers are commenting, giving ideas and encouraging each other to try new things.

As it was in January, sticking to this resolution is all up to you, but there are no strict diet plans, no stressing about every little gram, no breaking off the relationship with flavour, and no negatively phrased goals running through your mind. Keeping delicious flavours makes eating healthier foods so much more enjoyable, and if you get that right and keep going with your exercise, weight loss will come as a bonus. Sounds like something to try, right?


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