Tasty coriander

Coriander may pass under the radar as a garnish or a flavouring in curries, but this herb has a lot going for it.

The leaves, the stems and the seeds can all be eaten and are used for slightly different flavours in various cuisines.

So what’s the deal? What does coriander do for you?

  • It contains small amounts of vitamin K, iron and vitamin C
  • It may stimulate digestion and may help to lower blood pressure
  • It may help to lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels
  • It may be a contributor to low incidences of certain types of cancers because of its anti-tumourigenic properties
  • It may play a role in good eye health because it contains carotenoids

So grab a handful and mix it into your salad, chop it up finely and spoon it into your quinoa, add it to juices or green smoothies, blend it into chilled green soups, or simply use it as a substantial garnish on curries and steamed vegetables.

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