Make the time

While the summer’s day view across Table Bay is proving to be a formidable distraction, five minutes of staring out the window makes it feel like there’s all the time in the world.

And that reminds me of ongoing conversations with three people in the last couple of months which have all centred on time – realising when it’s time to make a change, how to manage it, and having more time to do enjoyable things. It seems selfish, but it’s important to have “me time” as part of your overall wellbeing. And no, I don’t mean that you need to do meditation, dance in a forest or start a diary. I’m talking about figuring out what your priorities are and then doing something about them.

This time of year people start getting frantic about losing weight. Just yesterday someone emailed asking whether she should eat salad for every meal for a month – yes, she can do it, but she’ll be hungry and unhappy…and reaching for everything sugary by day 4. None of us want to be that kind of person, so take a step back, make overall wellbeing your priority, and do this the good way.

Right, so you’ve realised it’s time to make the change towards reaching a healthier weight. Great, step one done and dusted. Now how do you put time aside to do it properly? First figure out what you need. Don’t have a pot or pan? You should probably get one! No clue how to do more than make toast? Find someone who can show you 5 simple, healthy meals, or buy a cookbook for inspiration. Rely on the resources out there.

Once you know what you need it’s a lot easier to know how much time you need to set aside to implement the changes. If you want to stop relying on fast-foods, do one big shop just once a week. If you want to start cooking healthier meals, find recipes that take no longer than 30 minutes. Then stick with it. Weight loss doesn’t (and shouldn’t) happen overnight. It’s the small, consistent changes that make it happen. (see our post on ditching winter)

And how does this fit in with doing more things that you enjoy? Make exercise a fun activity. You don’t have to sweat it out in a gym if that’s not your thing – gardening, playing beach bats, doing the Otter Trail or throwing a ball with your kids all count.

And the best part about making a change this way? Come January, your New Year resolution won’t have to be going on a crazy strict diet. Again.

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