Three tips for healthier winter food

It’s happening. Leaves are falling, the sun is setting earlier and the mornings are darker. When salads are being swopped for soups, it’s a sure sign that change is in the chilly air and winter is well on its way.

And in the same way that your exercise routine is likely to change for the coming months, so will your eating pattern. Cold dark days are synonymous with eating huge amounts of warm comfort food, but we’re not going into hibernation here. Sure, we spend more time indoors and it’s normal to eat a little more when it’s cold, but by making the right choices and planning ahead, you can still eat all the delicious winter favourites without adding a whole lot of unwanted wobbly bits.

Here are 3 tips to start you along the right track:

If you’re a fan of curries and stews, you’ll need to put a little more time aside to shop for and prepare them. Choose two nice recipes for the week and then shop for the ingredients in one go to keep in your freezer and pantry; that way you won’t be tempted to grab convenience foods on your way home. Opt for chicken more often than beef or lamb curries and stews – that way you’ll still get your protein, but because it’s a leaner option you won’t be upping your fat intake substantially. Using low fat plain yoghurt, wine or the lower fat version of coconut milk will also make the meal healthier instead of relying on oils, creams and gravies.

There’s nothing quite as nice as holding a steaming cup of coffee or tea when it’s freezing outside. But if you find that you’re increasing your caffeine-filled hot drink intake (and as a result your sugar intake) just in an effort to keep warm, mix it up with some Rooibos tea, chai lattes, hot water with honey, lemon or lime juice, and gradually add less sugar to each cup. Don’t forget to keep your water intake as it should be, especially if you’re going to be exercising.

Swop to seasonal winter veggies. Stew them, steam them, grill them, roast them…the options and combinations are endless, and the colour they add to your meals will help combat the winter blues. This is a great time to get into veggie boxes – a wide selection of wholesome seasonal veggies delivered straight to your door. Use these to bulk up your meals instead of piling up on everything else. Added bonus, seasonal veggies are more affordable and you’ll be getting your vitamins and minerals from your food instead of pills. We like that kind eating!


And if you want a little extra winter boost, grab a KAUAI freshly squeezed fruit juice packed with vitamins, a C U Right smoothie with a dose of vitamin C, or a Floo Fighter to fight off the chill or a Red cappuccino filled with antioxidants. If you’re up and on the go early in the morning, give their bowl of wholesome oats a go – a perfect warm-you-up healthy breakfast for the winter.


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