4 reasons why you might not be losing weight

If you’re on the road to being a healthier you in 2015 and trying to lose some weight, you’re no doubt taking a look at what you’re eating and how you’re exercising. Losing weight isn’t just as simple as eating less – if you’re swopping to healthier foods but find that the weight isn’t changing, it may be for one or more of these reasons:

You eat well during the week and then binge on the weekend
Healthy eating has to be part of a healthy lifestyle on a continuous basis. Making small changes that are maintainable in the long run will do you much better than crash dieting in the week and then overdoing it on the weekends. If you’ve been depriving yourself of flavourful foods all week, of course you’ll grab everything you can on the weekend to make up for that, resulting in too many calories consumed.

You exercise until you’re extremely hungry
Exercising and pushing yourself a little bit more each time is great for your health, but if you exercise until you’re ravenous you’ll eat everything you can get your hands on as soon as you get home or even opt for unhealthy fast food options on the way home just to fill that hole in your stomach. If you find this happens, rather eat a small snack before you exercise or bring your exertion down a little to a level that works for you.

You’re skipping weight-bearing exercises
Doing weight training helps to build muscle mass and so increase your metabolic rate. If you’re just doing cardio then you’re skipping out on this important part of becoming a healthier you. Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so weighing yourself isn’t always a true reflection of the good changes happening in your body.

Your portion sizes are still too big, even though the food is healthier
Oils, nuts, fruits and wholegrains etc may be good for you, but eating too much of them still results in a calorie intake that is high. Shift your mindset from labelling them as ‘free food’ to food – everything you eat or drink will have an effect on your body. Learn to know when you are hungry and when you are full so that your body can give you an indication of portion size.

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