Acai berries – little health bites

Chances are you’ve heard of acai berries, but you’re still not sure what they’re all about. Firstly, it’s pronounced ah-sigh-EE.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, here’s the lowdown on what they contain:

  • Fibre – linked to digestive health and feelings of satiety
  • Vitamin A – plays a role in eye health
  • Flavonoids – these are antioxidants which help reduce cell damage by minimising oxidative stress in our cells
  • Unsaturated fats

The powder, berries or the juice can be used in various meals, including

  • Adding it to a smoothie made with apple, banana and a little water or coconut water
  • Adding a little to your own home-made vinaigrette to add a sweet flavour instead of relying on sugar
  • Making a healthy desert by blending acai powder with plain yoghurt, placing in small bowls and then topping with antioxidant rich blueberries, blackberries or strawberries
  • Adding a bit to freshly squeezed juices

Head on over to a KAUAI store (visit for updates on their fresh new menu launching across the country) and try the delicious Acai-Me smoothie (featured above).

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