Conscious eating

Imagine white sandy beaches, waves crashing into the shore. Perfect relaxation, no watches, no to-do lists…you simply mark time using the sun and the tides, eating when you’re hungry, and choosing from the delicious, fresh and abundant island produce that surrounds you. While that lifestyle may seem a far stretch from the high-paced city life, we can still take the time to become conscious eaters. And no, that doesn’t imply that you need to become a hard-core vegan tomorrow! It’s all about taking your cues from seasonal, local and fresh produce that will give you all the goodness you need!

So what do we need to keep in mind?

Simplicity and freshness. Choosing foods that are in their most natural state will mean less preservatives, no MSG, no tartrazine and no other hidden ingredients that you actually don’t want.

Sustainability and seasonality. Choosing produce that is seasonal is not only so much better for you, it also means less food miles, less preservatives and more earth friendly, socially responsible and economically aware. Local really is lekker! It’s also a good idea to look at the packaging that your food is sold in, and if it can be recycled, do it! Take a look at Seasons change & so should your food.

Healthy and wholesome. Of course none of us want to permanently banish all the full fat, excess sugar, creamy goodness of certain foods items we love – chocolate cake should be chocolate cake – but by choosing the healthier options 90% of the time, your intake of everything that’s good for you increases and the not-so-good decreases. Your body will thank you! Check out our Healthy Eating post.

Eating slowly and enjoying the food. We’ve all eaten something and then either couldn’t recall what we’ve eaten, or whether we’ve even eaten at all! Making the time to sit and eat away from distractions goes a long way in upping the enjoyment we get from a meal. It allows you to taste the food, enjoy the flavours, and to realise when you’ve had enough.

It’s all about an overall state of well-being. Being more aware of the food you choose and how you eat it will not only be better for you, but better for our lovely earth too.


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