Where are you getting your energy from?

There’s been quite a bit of chat lately about energy drinks.

With summer holidays a far-off memory by now, work stress, routine and late nights are resulting in a lot of people feeling drained and flu-ish, and energy drinks seem to be the “go to” for more than a handful of tired individuals.

While it may give you a boost, the energy that you’re getting is really just from sugar and caffeine and that isn’t great because a) you’re less likely to compensate later on in the day for increased calorie intake if the calories were consumed as a liquid, and b)once the caffeine wears off your energy levels take a big dive, leaving you feeling even more exhausted.

So stop reaching for the energy drinks and rather

  • eat smaller meals more regularly throughout the day (this keeps your energy levels more consistent),
  • get some vitamin C (which plays a role in energy production),
  • drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, and
  • make time for even just a little bit of exercise which releases dopamine as well as serotonin (natural feel-good energisers).
  • You can also treat yourself to KAUAI’s Turbo-Boost smoothie with fruit, low fat frozen yoghurt and a blend of gotu kola, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and guarana, or opt for a Scheckter’s Organic energy drink.

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