Enjoy your food more

Of course we all love food that’s bursting with flavour. Plain, tasteless food is so unappealing it’s so no wonder that forcing down “diet food” is compared to chewing cardboard! The great thing is that it’s so simple to add flavour to a meal – just add some curry powder, a handful of herbs, a dash of balsamic reduction or some chilli. Stress free, done and dusted!

Not only does flavour make a meal more appetising, it actually makes us eat a little slower. Research has shown that when a meal has a lot of flavour, we take smaller bites, savouring each little morsel. This means the meal lasts a little longer, we end up feeling satiated sooner and enjoying the meal more.

So stock up on your herbs and spices, try a few new flavours this week, and enjoy the taste and flavour of good wholesome food. Or try Kauai’s ostrich wrap – good for you and packed full of flavour!

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