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If you’ve managed to stick to your New Year’s Resolution of eating better, KAUAI is all set to help you with fresh, healthy options bursting with benefits to boost your health all-year-round. Here are two easy ways to stay on track.

Give your body a chance to detox

Ditch the caffeine and opt for nature’s best by grabbing a nutrient-dense raw juice. Why? Freshly squeezed raw juices pack the biggest punch in terms of nutrients and active enzymes and provide you with loads of antioxidants. These antioxidants give you a healthier body and skin by helping to reduce cell damage caused by UV rays, pollution, bad diets etc., can help lower your blood pressure and may support healthy vision and have anti-inflammatory properties. Raw juices are generally also lower in sugar than processed juices and they contain no preservatives.

Some KAUAI juices to try:

  • The CBC juice made with a combination of carrot, beetroot and celery.
  • The Your Daily Greens juice with all the alkalising goodness of kale along with spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and omega-rich chia seeds.
  • The Helper juice made with carrot, cucumber, celery, lemon, turmeric, and Himalayan salt.

Salsa juice ice


Choose hassle-free lunches that give you the energy you need

KAUAI takes the stress out of your lunch hour by having a range of delicious, fresh, and healthy meals on offer just for you. If you’re all for something light but still satisfying, try the Citrus Sriracha or Kale Caesar salad with free range chicken. The Mexi Bowl and Power Rocket Bowl are the perfect meals for sustained energy with their mix of quinoa and brown rice, and if you’re upping your protein intake or watching your carbs, get your hands on the Protein Plate or the Carb Conscious Plate.

Make these healthy drink and meal choices a habit, and just like that you’ll be staying on track with your resolutions to be healthy, strong and fit!

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