New Food Resolutions

How many of you, or people around you, decided that this year would be the year of dieting? And that you would start the Monday as soon as you’re back at work or the kids are back at school? As we’ve shared with you over the last couple of months, healthy eating is so much more than dieting. It’s a pleasurable and satisfying activity that we should be stopping to enjoy every day. If, three weeks into January, you’ve already shifted healthier eating to the bottom of your priority list, I’d encourage you to start with even just one healthier change each month. Delicious, flavourful and nutritious food gives our bodies so much, and allows us to live healthy active lives.

So whichever side of the scale you find yourself on, take a look through our food and lifestyle posts for a little inspiration and motivation. Make 2013 the year in which you approach food and healthy eating with a positive and joyous attitude. And if making that food from scratch is just a leap too far for now, Kauai is ready with a range of nutritious and really good foods bursting with so much flavour you’ll be able to taste the island!

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