Fuss-free picnic foods

Picnics are a winner this holiday season, especially if you’re out and about with your children in these last few days before school gets going again.

Grab a cooler box, a couple of plates, some cutlery, these yummy foods and head out to the beach, the park, the pool, or even your garden.

Now you’re good to go!


  • Mixed nuts – a good source of protein and fat to keep you feeling full, and a much better alternative to chips
  • Chicken skewers or mini meatballs – a no mess, no fuss source of protein
  • Wraps – fill them with last night’s leftovers and loads of tomato, lettuce, cucumber or roast vegetables
  • Red cabbage and snap pea salad – mix shredded cabbage, snap peas, mushrooms and a little sweet chilli sauce together for a cool, crunchy salad that’s a healthier alternative to mayonnaise-rich and salt-laden coleslaw
  • Raw broccoli florets dipped in pesto – sounds strange but somehow it’s a hit! Give it a go because broccoli is packed with Vitamin C, as well as some iron and calcium
  • Cheese and tomato skewers – filling, satisfying and so easy to make. Cube some cheese and thread onto a skewer, alternating with baby tomatoes

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