Health checks you should do

With spring just around the corner, our minds start turning to healthy ways and shedding those winter kilos.

This is a good time to take stock of your health and what your goals should be for the remainder of the year when it comes to eating, exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

To help you set those goals, it’s a good idea to go get the following checked:


  • Your sugar levels
  • Your cholesterol levels
  • Your blood pressure

You can have finger prick tests for your sugar and cholesterol, but it’s worth doing a blood test so that you can get exact readings for components such as as HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and TG. It’s best to fast for this, so stop eating after 10pm and then get the test done the next morning.

  • It’s also worth considering doing a fitness assessment if you’re just starting to find your feet when it comes to exercising more consistently – call a biokineticist or check with your medical aid scheme where you can have this done.

Getting the above info will give you some guidance on your goals and help you make informed health decisions. If you’re working towards your healthiest self, keep sharing your pics with us on Instagram all the way through to summer!

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