Healthy eating during the festive season

If you’re on holiday, you’re quite likely to be a little less strict with your eating and exercising routines. No stress, we all need a little down time and relaxation. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to curb those cravings.

Make healthy food easily accessible by filling your fridge with tasty options and have as much of a variety as possible. Having a selection of whole fruits, cut fruit, vegetable slices, spreads or dips like red pepper hummus, small pieces of chicken breasts etc. is a lot more appealing that just a bag of apples. Each time you’re tempted to eat something, you can just have a little taste of something healthy instead of digging in your cupboards for those chips. Make healthy foods available to your children as well by keeping a fruit bowl out where they can reach it, or by placing some convenient snacks on their eye level in the fridge.

Take the time to plan some meals. This doesn’t have to be every meal, but if you plan a nice meal consisting of the food you love and pack that full of flavour, you’ll be satisfied after taking the time to prepare it and sitting down to eat it. Sitting down at a table and being able to focus on your food makes it less likely that you would overeat which is very easy to do if you’re watching TV. Remember, these don’t have to be meals where you cook for hours – a simple tapas-style lunch looks beautiful, provides a range of flavours and textures and is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

If you have to buy unhealthier snack foods, buy them in moderation and keep them in a place where they aren’t visible all the time– this will prevent those foods from becoming the most convenient snack options. We all need a treat now and then, so when you do want something like a chocolate, eat it and enjoy it; having a diet mentality won’t get you very far: if you tell yourself you’re not allowed a chocolate, that’s all you’ll be thinking about, right? And eventually you’ll give in and probably have twice as much because now you’ve “fallen off the bandwagon”. Enjoy healthy, satisfying meals and don’t sweat the small (only occasional) indulgences!

And lastly, remember to drink enough water. Thirst can often be confused with hunger, making you reach for watermelon, salads, ice creams, yoghurts etc. so make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day to reduce unnecessary snacking and to ensure you stay hydrated.


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