A look at KAUAI’s new menu

As we head towards summer, many of us will find it easier to get back into the swing of exercising and healthier eating. When you don’t have the time to prepare your own meals to be as healthy as can be, you can swing by one of the KAUAI stores in Virgin Active clubs and grab a healthy option from their fresh new menu before or after your workout.

What’s the new menu all about?

It’s about real food made from high quality, fresh ingredients that, where possible, are free of unwanted colourants, preservatives, hormones and GMO. It’s about offering members an inspiring selection of fresh, wholesome and delicious meals, smoothies and raw juices with a superfood spin.

In addition to loads of new items, some of KAUAI’s classic favourites are on the new menu but the recipes have been enhanced to fit in with the nutrient-dense, wholesome, new menu offering.

So what’s new?

A variety of breakfasts

  • The Sunrise Wrap with free-range scrambled eggs. Eggs are a complete protein     source to help keep you feeling full and help build muscle.
  • The Raw Oats Bircher Muesli with chia seeds. These little seeds have great nutritional value and are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.


A selection of signature wraps:

  • The Kale Caesar wrap. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense, alkalising foods you’ll find, giving you a whole lot of nutrients in one go.
  • The much loved Princess wrap is now better than ever. What’s changed? It’s now   made with free range chicken and fresh avo.

Tasty signature dishes

  • The Citrus Sriracha salad with lentils – these tiny powerhouse legumes are an        excellent source of protein and fibre.
  • The Power Rocket bowl with quinoa – a filling, gluten-free, protein-rich grain with a slight nutty flavor.

Nutritious smoothies

  • The Peanut Butter Bomb is now made with raw cacao and whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows. Why raw cacao? This unique ingredient gives you a dose of calcium, iron, antioxidants and magnesium, making this smoothie one you’ll absolutely love.

Fruit and veg smoothies

  • The Alkaliser with kale and coconut water. This is a great combo – the kale makes it alkalising and the coconut water is great for replenishing nutrients naturally and hydration.
  • The Seasonal smoothie with pineapple, avo, freshly squeezed apple juice, kale and spinach.

Superfood smoothies

  • The Acai-me smoothie – acai is great for digestive health, eye health and reducing cell damage.
  • The Nut Milk smoothie – made with coconut milk, almond butter, cashews, coconut water, banana, and honey and cacao nibs.
  • The Nature’s Protein smoothie – a great vegan offering with pea protein and nutrient dense hemp seeds.

Delicious, nutrient-dense raw juices

  • Your Daily Greens – a nutrient dense green juice with the added benefits of chia     seeds.
  • The Helper – turmeric’s active ingredient has been shown to help reduce    inflammation and cell damage.
  • The CBC made with carrot, beetroot and celery.

There’s bound to be something that takes your fancy so give this fresh new menu a try and check out www.kauai.co.za for more information on the ingredients. Take a look at the KAUAI journey to find out about all the exciting changes, visit:


Written for Virgin Active SA

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