Make short term goals

Chances are, you’ve already ditched half of your New Year resolutions. Once you’re back at the office, kids are back at school etc. it becomes a bit tough to stick to resolutions such as “by December I will look like a beach goddess” or “in September I will run a marathon”.

These resolutions are great, but they’re a bit too far away to be a call to action. So how about setting short term goals such as entering a race each month, or decreasing your fizzy drink consumption by ½ litre each month. Here’s a little inspiration:

Put together a playlist to keep you motivated. Each week run for just one more song – that way you’ll up your distance


Salads are more than just lettuce and tomato. Use fresh seasonal produce for flavour and a host of vitamins.

Make water a little more appealing with these ice cubes


Not keen to spend money each and every time? Try these…


Find someone to train with. Not only is it much more fun that way, but you’ll be more likely to show up if you know they’re counting on you!


Find a sport that you love!

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