Take some onions…


Onions are winners when it comes to adding flavour to meals.

Grab a few from the shelf and get chopping. Here’s how you can use them:


  • Chop finely and add to stews, curries and potjies at the beginning of the cooking process
  • Slice and saute in a little water along with turmeric and curry powder. Drain and then mix into cooked rice or lentils to add colour and texture
  • Slice or chop red onion to add to salads, salsas or pizzas
  • Use pickled onions for great flavour – simmer baby tomatoes, pickled onions, mushrooms, tender stem broccoli and some chives for about 10 minutes for a quick, easy pasta sauce
  • Use finely chopped white onions to bulk up a quiche or to add a bit of moisture to couscous or quinoa
  • Slice onions and cook in a little bit of balsamic vinegar for a slightly different take on caramelised onions
  • And don’t forget about spring onions – they add a lovely bright colour and mild oniony flavour to potato or pasta salads, dressings or grilled fish

KAUAI has a few meals that contain onion or spring onion to bring you the delicious flavours you expect. Get your tastebuds dancing with the good-for-you Superfood salad, a tasty fresh salsa, a Princess Wrap, Princess Sandwich, Morning Riser or Chicken Melt.


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