Pea protein – a vegan protein source

While meats and dairy are protein options that offer a high protein content, plant proteins are just as important and pea protein is a wonderful option for vegans and vegetarians because it provides us with amino acids- the building blocks vital for muscle recovery.

Protein also aids with feelings of satiety, helping us curb our tendencies to over eat.

Used in a powdered form, vegan pea protein has a smooth texture and a very neutral taste. It’s soluble and so can easily be used in the following ways:

  • Add it to a smoothie to up the protein content if you’re not using dairy or nut milks
  • Mix into vegetable tagines or vegetable stews
  • Add a scoop to warm oats with a little milk or nut milk, mix well and top with cinnamon and berries
  • Add a scoop or two to vegetable soups
  • Mix into pasta sauces to up the protein content of your meal

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