Add a little raw cacao

Raw cacao is worth a try if you haven’t yet done so. What is it, you ask?

As opposed to cocoa powder, which comes from roasted beans, raw cacao comes from beans which haven’t been roasted so the nutrients are better retained, meaning you get more of the goodness out of it.

What is this goodness?

Besides being extremely rich in antioxidants, it also contains

  • Magnesium which is linked to having a positive effect on migraines
  • Iron which helps fight fatigue
  • Calcium which we need for strong bones and teeth

Raw cacao can be in the form of nibs or powder, making it really easy to use in a way that suits you, so try some this spring for a healthier twist on cocoa flavours. We love

  • Adding some nibs to a handful of nuts and berries for a great trail mix
  • Mixing it into smoothies for a healthier chocolatey taste as opposed to using cocoa powder
  • Adding cacao nibs as a topping for yoghurts, fruit salads or frozen yoghurts

You’ll find raw cacao in KAUAI’s fresh new menu: try the Peanut Butter Bomb smoothie, the LCHF Cacao Cream smoothie, the superfood Nut Milk smoothie or choose cacao nibs as your topping on some low GI vanilla frozen yoghurt.

Pop over to to see how the menu has changed and the journey up until now.

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