Foods containing soy

There are more than just a few people these days who avoid eating soy-based foods for various reasons.

If you’re throwing a large dinner party or having people over for a casual weekend brunch and one of your guests doesn’t eat soy, here’s what to look out for when you’re cooking up a storm.

The easiest option is to avoid all products with soy, soya, or soybean written on the label. But then you should also keep an eye out for:

  • bean curd, soybean sprouts, edamame, miso, tamari, tempeh, tofu and hydrolised soy protein.



Some products which may also contain soy include:


Dairy-free yoghurt, ice cream, pasta, some margarines

Vegan cheese, ice cream, burger patties and sausages

Teriyaki sauce

Textured vegetable protein (TVP), hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP) or hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)

Natural flavourings, stabilisers and thickeners

Vegetable gum, starch, shortening, or oil

Vitamin E tablets

Vegetable stock cubes, gravies, and tinned or packet soups



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