A sprinkling of seeds

Linseeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds are a quick, easy and healthy addition to many meals.

Not only are they sources of unsaturated fat, fibre and protein, they’re also packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium, so pop down to your nearest store and stock up on these little bits of goodness!


Sesame seeds are tiny white seeds which are often used in Eastern dishes. Add them to soy or satay sauces, mix with vinegar to make a pretty dressing, sprinkle over roast vegetables, add to butternut mash or make your own tahini. Sesame seeds are also a great addition to bread and muffin dough as they don’t affect the taste too much.

sesame seeds

Poppy seeds are, for the most part, used for decoration in various types of food. Add some to cakes and muffins, or top breads and rolls with these miniscule seeds for a pretty effect. Ground poppy seeds can also be used for making various pastes which can then be used in spiced meals such as Indian curries.

poppy seed bagels

Linseeds, also known as flaxseeds, are small brown seeds with a slight nutty flavour. They are best added to cereals or salads for a light crunch or to home-made nut, seed and raison bars.


Keen to get that lovely golden colour on your sesame seeds or almonds? It’s as easy as pie. Add some to a non-stick pan without oil, place over a medium-high heat and wait for the seeds or nuts to change colour. Stir them around occasionally – the trick is to keep an eye on them because once they start changing colour, they can go from tasty to burnt in seconds! Remove from the pan straight away and leave to cool.


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