Start your new year resolutions now

As the year draws to a close, you may already be thinking about your new year resolutions. How many of those are related to food and more specifically, dieting? It’s something people tend to try from the first day back at work, or as soon as the kids are back at school, or every Monday!

Healthy eating is about more than just dieting though and we’d like to encourage you to start making small, healthier choices this festive season already – eating should be pleasurable and satisfying, something you can enjoy with other people and which allows for flexibility in meal sizes, types of food and when  you eat. Make 2015 the year in which you approach food and healthy eating with a positive attitude.  How can you do that?

  • Take the time to taste your food.
  • Be selective when you are shopping. Go for the freshest ingredients that you can afford and try occasionally to buy your veggies from markets just for a different experience.
  • Choose foods in their most natural form. It’s healthier, you know what you’re getting and it’s generally not as expensive as buying a processed or ready-made version.
  • Question the claims on food products. Does “Lite” refer to colour, calories, or is it just the name of the product?
  • Find a few healthy recipes of the types of food you enjoy – you’ll be a lot more likely to prepare those meals if you are excited about eating them
  • Check ingredient lists. If you’re eating an oats bar but oats is only 7th on the list, you’re getting a lot more of other ingredients which you weren’t bargaining on, such as sugar.
  • If you have the space, plant your own herbs or vegetables or try to eat seasonal foods when possible.

If starting from scratch seems like too big a step, pop on over to KAUAI for one of their fresh, healthy meals, smoothies or raw juices to help get and keep you on track this summer, even before the new year kicks in!

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